New Details Shared About Shiren the Wanderer

Spike Chunsoft has shared new details on how players will be able to prepare and ultimately face the challenges posed in their upcoming roguelike RPG, Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island. This includes insights into the Sumo status power-up, and dealing with roaming Behemoths. The company has also introduced new characters who are making their first appearance in this latest installment of the series

Power-up Shiren with Sumo Status

In Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island, players can leverage the Sumo status, a significant power-up for the protagonist Shiren. This status is activated when Shiren’s Fullness exceeds 150, but it fades if his Fullness drops below 120. Achieving this state is possible through consuming Onigiri and specific items. Once in Sumo status, Shiren enjoys several benefits, including enhanced Attack Power, increased Max HP, and the unique ability to nullify Traps by simply stepping on them. However, this powerful form comes with a limitation: Shiren cannot use items to move around, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.

Effects of the Sumo Status

  • ­Increased Max HP and Attack Power.
  • Walking over Traps destroys them without harming Shiren.
  • Shiren can dig through walls with normal attacks, regardless of the Weapon equipped.
  • Shiren is immune to effects or items that would normally force him to move.

Roaming Behemoths

A formidable challenge in the game comes from the Behemoths, giant monsters that emerge from mysterious gates leading to another realm. These Behemoths can sporadically appear in the dungeon, signaled by Behemoth Gates on the map. Players must exercise caution, as Behemoths possess immense Attack Power and an impenetrable Behemoth Barrier, making them invulnerable to frontal and side attacks. Encountering a Behemoth often means the best strategy is to flee, but should you face the challenge and somehow survive…

Behemoth Features

  • Comes from Behemoth Gates and sporadically disappears after some time.
  • Extremely high Attack Power.
  • Slow movement speed due to their enormous size.
  • Immune to attacks from the front and sides.
  • Vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Gain the Advantage with Sacred Items

Sacred Items are a novel feature in Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island. These rare items come in two varieties: Blue and Golden, with Golden items being rarer. However, their effects are randomly enhanced, meaning a Blue item can sometimes be more potent than a Golden one. Additionally, some Sacred Weapons and Shields contain unique “Natural Runes” – rare categories of Runes with effects unavailable elsewhere. These items and runes provide players with significant advantages and strategic options in their journey.

Sacred Item Features

  • Often has a higher Base Value than regular equipment.
  • Sometimes has a Rune not normally found on the regular version of that equipment.
  • Sometimes has a powerful Natural Rune attached to it.

Train in the Monster Dojo

To help players prepare for the challenges within the game, Shiren the Wanderer introduces the Monster Dojo. This facility allows players to simulate dungeon encounters and practice extensively. Within the Monster Dojo, players can set up various monsters, items, and Traps they have previously encountered, enabling them to learn and experiment with different strategies. This feature provides a valuable opportunity for players to understand enemy tactics and refine their approaches to ensure success in the actual dungeon encounters.

Introducing New Characters

New Details Shared About Shiren the Wanderer 11


The young Quartermaster of the Red Orca Pirates. She loathes greedy people and follow the Red Orca motto of only taking what’s needed. Hibiki travels to Serpentcoil Island in search of a particular lost treasure.

New Details Shared About Shiren the Wanderer 12


The loyal Boatswain of the Red Orca Pirates, and Hibiki’s right-hand man. He accompanies and aids Hibiki on her expedition to Serpentcoil Island.

New Details Shared About Shiren the Wanderer 13


The bombastic Captain of the Black Shark Pirates. He’s brought his crew to Serpentcoil Island with the intention of claiming every last bit of treasure for himself.

New Details Shared About Shiren the Wanderer 14


The leader of a group of ninja living covertly on Serpentcoil Island. Despite her exceptional skills as a ninja, she is best known for her kindness. She is beloved by her fellow ninja, who fondly refer to her as their Princess.

Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island for Nintendo Switch™ comes to North America and Europe on February 27, 2024.

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