Little Witch Nobeta’s Console Versions to Receive v1.1.2 Patch

Publisher of Little Witch Nobeta’s console ports for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, Idea Factory International, has confirmed that new updates will be rolling out for the “soulslike 3D action shooter” starting 16 November 2023 in both North American and PAL regions. This update will consist of two parts – Patch 1.1.2 which will feature a range of new content for the game, and new Paid DLC giving players access to even more costumes.

Patch 1.1.2

Patch 1.1.2 provides the following additional content at no extra charge:

  • An all-new Trial Tower mode: Play through the all-new Trial Tower mode, a boss rush mode where you can unlock four new skins and learn more about the lore of Little Witch Nobeta through new story dialogue
  • Four Unlockable Skins by undertaking the Trial Tower Mode:
    • Bishop: Complete the Trial Tower
    • Rook: Reach max level with all magic in the Trial Tower
    • Queen: Complete the Trial Tower without Failing
    • Little Black Cat: Complete the Trial Tower

DLC Costumes

Little Witch Nobeta's Console Versions to Receive v1.1.2 Patch 1

The following costumes are available by purchasing the new skin bundle for $6.99USD or local equivalent, with all being immediately unlocked:

  • Dragon Princess
  • Knitted Uniform
  • Land Mine Girl

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