PlayStation Australia Form God of War Ragnarök Collaboration with Mjølner

To coincide with their release of God of War Ragnarök, PlayStation Australia has today unveiled a limited time partnership with the Norse-inspired restaurant Mjølner in Sydney and Melbourne, inviting fans (and guests fortunate enough to have booked that day) the opportunity to start in the freezing cold land of Niflheim and travel through all nine realms through an exclusive menu. This menu is titled ‘Discover the Realms’, and will be a nine course menu available in both restaurants from now until 20 November 2022 inclusive.

Need something to make your mouth water? Listen to how they describe the menu:

Through Discover The Realms, visitors to Mjølner will be able to sample a selection of nine dishes and drinks, including the ‘Light of Alfheim’, a palate-cleansing mocktail that will immerse guests’ senses in one of the most beautiful realms imaginable. From the highest peak in Jotunheim, the land of the giants, comes the main course, Secrets Of The Father, a mouthwatering Dry Aged Scotch Fillet with Bottarga sauce. 

Bookings for the Melbourne restaurant are being taken HERE, and the Sydney restaurant HERE.

If you do have a booking at Mjølner while the promotion is running but have no interest in the set menu – don’t worry, as the traditional menu will be available as per usual. The menu will differ slightly between Sydney and Melbourne restaurants, with the below being for the latter:

Mists of Nilfheim ($25)
Plymouth Gin – gooseberry, dill & lemon infused dry vermouth

A small but deceptively dangerous realm covered in magical mists. At one time Niflheim was known as “The Realm of Fog”, a realm of endless snow, wind, ice and mist. Although the winds no longer blow, this entry into the nine realms is sure to leave you breathless.

Myths of Midgard ($22)
Martell VS Cognac – PX Sherry, black walnut bitters, egg whites, mead.

Midgard‘s landscape is dominated by the famous ‘Lake of Nine’, a massive lake in the centre of the realm upon which Tyr’s Temple is located. The perfect place to start your journey with breath-taking scenery, so don’t be in such a hurry to make your way through it.

Light of Álfheim ($11)
Citrus husk cordial, lemon, soda

Inspired by one of the greatest and most sought-after landmarks found in Alfheim, the Lake of Light, this palate cleanser will immerse your senses in one of the most beautiful realms you could hope to travel to.

Gates of Valhalla ($23)

Olmeca Altos Plata – Campari, candied citrus & agave cordial, toasted coconut, habanero & hibiscus tincture

Asgard’s capital, Valhalla, is the great golden hall from which Odin rules the Nine Realms and a place where you can eat the finest meats, drink the most revered spirits in the land, and revel for eternity – at least until the day the final battle of Ragnarök begins.

Dwarves’ Forge ($24)

Martell VS Cognac – spiced port, cranberry

Svartalfheim is the ancestral homeland of the Dwarves, it is where the greatest creations in the Nine Realms are given shape and form. Known for creating Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, the Huldra brothers, Brök and Sindri, also created Kratos’ iconic Leviathan Axe.

Surtr’s Rage ($26)

Salmon Gravlax, pickled cucumber horseradish cream, oat & linseed cracker

Surtr is the original fire giant and ruler of Muspelheim, an unending burnt landscape of lava flows and volcanic ash. Surtr has not been seen or heard from in millennia; he too is presumed to be slumbering deep within Muspelheim’s fiery crust until the time of Ragnarök comes.

Freya’s Revenge ($30)

Roasted bone marrow, meat powder, mustard leaf

Freya is the former ruler of the most mysterious, bizarre, and unearthly of the Nine Realms, Vanaheim. One of the most highly intelligent and magical goddesses, some say she is even more powerful than Odin. Also known as the witch of the woods, Freya has sworn vengeance against Kratos for the murder of her son, Baldur.

Secrets of the Father (Market price)

Dry aged scotch fillet, bottarga sauce, pickled onion, charred garlic flowers

The ancestral realm of the giants, after visiting Jötunheim to scatter his mother’s ashes from the tallest mountain in the Nine Realms and discovering the secrets of his parent’s lineage, Atreus seeks knowledge to help him understand the prophecy of “Loki” and establish his role in Ragnarök.

Highway to Hel ($16)

Bombe Alaska – meringue, mixed berry sorbet, flamed raspberry schnapps

This meal is not to be missed. Helheim is home to icy lands where no fire can live. It features freezing winds and those who find themselves here are tormented by life’s regrets.

A Look at the Menu (Imagery provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia, Photographer: Jack Coghlan)

God of War Ragnarök is one of the most anticipated games of the year and we wanted to offer Aussies an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Kratos and Atreus like never before. The expertise and passion of the team at Mjølner has really shone through as they have brought each realm to life. We can’t wait for everyone to Discover The Realms as they get ready for Ragnarök.

Patrick Lagana – Director of Marketing at PlayStation Australia

Exploring the world of Kratos and Atreus has been amazing and the Norse mythology featured in God of War Ragnarök is absolutely incredible. We’ve wanted to do a menu inspired by the Norse realms for a long time – the launch of God Of War Ragnarök was the perfect opportunity and made partnering with PlayStation an easy choice. The team had a lot of fun coming up with these recipes to bring each realm to life and we’re looking forward to welcoming new and old fans of the game into our restaurants for this exclusive experience

Sven Almenning – Speakeasy Group Owner


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