Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals Confirmed for 2023, 2024

Rolling forward into what should be the next expansion pack for the online game Final Fantasy XIV Online, Square Enix has confirmed that the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals will be going ahead for 2023 and 2024.

In 2023 there will be two events, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada on 28-29 July 2023, followed by a London-based event at The ExCel Centre on 21-22 October 2023. Meanwhile in 2024, at least the year’s first fan fest will be hosted in Early 2024.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals Confirmed for 2023, 2024 1

Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 6.25 will be going live this Tuesday, introducing the following features:

  • New Side Story Quests – Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures continue in Patch 6.25.
  • New Weapon Enhancement Quests – Players can obtain and enhance Manderville Weapons throughout the Patch 6.x series, which will begin in the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures questline.
  • New Tribal Quests: Omicron – New daily quests for Disciples of the Land.
  • New “Variant Dungeons” Battle Content – Players can enjoy new variable-difficulty dungeons—beginning with the Sil’dihn Subterrane—designed for 1-4 players, with the difficulty of enemies scaling depending on party size. Players will explore dungeons with Nanamo, featuring branching routes, which can change depending on player actions within the dungeon. Folios can also be obtained from each route, which can be pieced together to deduce secrets and complete the entire story.
  • Criterion Dungeons – High difficulty four-player content featuring a visually similar area to the Variant Dungeons, but with a set route. Criterion dungeons will feature two options of difficulties, each with their own unique set of rules and characteristics.

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