25th Anniversary Celebrations for Fallout Franchise Detailed

Fallout Shelter to Receive First Update in 4 Years

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Fallout video game franchise which began with the original 1997 RPG developed by Interplay, current rights holder Bethesda Softworks has announced several ways they are celebrating this quarter-century milestone. With weekly competitions and other offerings via a dedicated Fallout 25th website, fans of the series can also look forward to some of the following:

Fallout 76 Free Week

For those who haven’t purchased the game yet, Bethesda Softworks are offering fans the chance to dive into post-nuclear Appalachia with their friends with a Fallout 76 Free Week offer. To conclude on 10 October, this free week of play is also being complemented by a discount on the full game on select storefronts.

Fallout Shelter Receives First Update in Four Years

New content is being added to Fallout Shelter sometime next week, the first major update for the bunker building game in more than four years. According to Bethesda:

Take on an alien threat in an all-new quest line featuring new enemies, take up arms with new weapons, recruit new Dwellers and decorate your Vault with a new celebration room theme. 

Discounts on Past Games

Newcomer to the Fallout universe or longtime fan looking to fill some missing entries in your collection? Bethesda will be offering discounts across the entire Fallout franchise via the Steam, Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store digital storefronts from now until either 18 October (Steam) or 12 October (Consoles).

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