Final Pre-Release Trailer Unveiled for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

In only a couple of months time now, Square Enix will be publishing Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, the next Final Fantasy series spin-off game which they co-developed with the folks at Team Ninja. With its release date looming, they have shared what has been dubbed as the ‘Final Trailer’, providing a more extended look at the elements of the game, and allowing those who beta tested the game last year, to get a sense of what has been worked on since then.

Final Pre-Release Trailer Unveiled for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin 1

Being co-developed by Team Ninja, best known for their works on franchises such as Ninja Gaiden, Nioh and Dead or Alive franchises, the game is more an action RPG than the more traditional systems found in mainstream Final Fantasy RPGs. The game itself offers an alternate retelling of the original Final Fantasy game, shedding light on the gark origins of Garland through the viewpoint of Jack and his comrades.

In addition to the new trailer, watchable above, keep scrolling downwards for new screenshots and artwork from the game.

Published by Square Enix and co-developed alongside Team Ninja, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC (via Epic Games Store) from 18 March 2022. This is not a new mainline instalment in the series, but a more action-oriented spin-off, taking place in the chronology of Final Fantasy I.

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