New Pokémon Snap Launches Worldwide

New Photographic Adventures in the PokéVerse Await~

New photographic adventures await players in the world of Pokémon! The Pokémon Company has today released New Pokémon Snap exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, inviting players to explore the isles of the Lental region, and take photographs of many different Pokémon from the different RPG generations.

A long-awaited successor to the hit Nintendo 64 game, players will take control of a budding Pokemon photographer, who has arrived in the Lental region to participate in a Pokémon research program alongside the region’s expert, Professor Mirror, and his assistant, Rita. The protagonist will be helping them with their ecological survey to photograph Pokémon thriving in nature. They’ll venture from island to island riding in their trusty vehicle NEO-ONE, discovering wild Pokémon in their lush, natural habitats.

Promoted features of New Pokemon Snap are listed below. Expect a formal review on The Otaku’s Study in the coming days.

A New Region to Explore
Take plenty of pictures as you look around your surroundings and show the photos you’ve taken to Professor Mirror to increase your research level for each course. As your survey progresses, you’ll be able to visit new islands in the Lental region.

Start Your Research
Professor Mirror will evaluate your photography prowess as you investigate the mysterious Illumina phenomenon and build your very own Pokémon Photodex. Each of your photos will be assigned a star rating of one to four stars based on the rarity of the Pokémon behavior captured. Each photo’s total score—based on metrics like the Pokémon’s pose, size, direction it’s facing, and position in frame—will be expressed by the color of those stars. Higher scores will earn rarer colors. If you see a Pokémon doing something interesting, hit that shutter right away!

Tools to Help with Photography
Your research camera not only takes photos but also helps you communicate and analyze data, which will come in handy during your research. By analyzing the surrounding area with the camera’s scan feature, you can spot hiding Pokémon and locate nearby points of interest. Some Pokémon may even react to the scan’s sound and signal. The tunes played via the camera’s melody feature may also awaken sleeping Pokémon or even prompt them to start dancing!

Interact with Pokémon in New Ways
Fluffruit is a sweet, delicious fruit found in the Lental region. Pokémon absolutely love these and may eat one if you throw it near them. You may also find Fluffruit useful for coaxing Pokémon out of hiding or enticing them to move somewhere. Illumina orbs are something Professor Mirror invented. There are a few varieties of them, and it seems you’ll be using different orbs on each island. If you throw one at a Pokémon or a Crystabloom—a flower that grows only in the Lental region—you can witness the Illumina phenomenon firsthand. When an affected Pokémon enters what’s called the Illumina state, their life energy is stimulated, which may trigger other special ecological effects.

Connect with Players across the Globe
Via the in-game Internet menu, you can show off photos you took in the game and compete with players all over the world. You can use the re-snap and photo-editing functions to adjust your photos’ brightness, blur, and zoom as well as add filters, stickers, and more. As more players see your uploaded photos, you may receive more and more Sweet! medals. You can press the Sweet! medal button to award some to other players’ photos, so send medals to any great pictures you find.

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