Habbo Brings Back Snowstorm Mini-Game, 500,000 Games Played During Launch Week

Back when I played Habbo Hotel (Now Habbo) way back during my middle and high school years, one of the best ways to pass the time was to partake in a small range of mini-games on offer. While this initially started with simplistic board games, this quickly expanded into a diving mini-game and stay-afloat mini-game and later more scoped out games such as Battle Ball and Snowstorm. Unfortunately, as technologies progressed, these games were either removed from the platform or limited to player-run games, and had no sign of returning.

The classic mini-game Snowstorm recently returned to Habbo, and developer Sulake have shared some statistics on player engagement with the public space as of one week in:

  • 500,000 Games of Snow Storm have been played by members
  • 25,868,252 Snowballs were thrown
  • 1,852,367 were knocked out by these snowboards
  • 2,254,474 trees were hit in the progress (YOU MONSTERS!)

More information about Snowstorm can be found below, and those interested in checking out the mini-game or perhaps revisiting avatars that have been locked in the darkest recesses of the hotel for more than a decade – can do so by visiting the official Habbo website.

About Snowstorm

Duck, weave and run to out-maneuver your opponents all the while pelting them with a deluge of fluffy snowballs to rack up points. You can only carry 5 snowballs at a time, so you must aim to hit your adversaries hiding behind trees and bushes, or try your luck at hitting runners by anticipating their movements. Restock your frosty weapon supply at the snowball machine or by visiting the piles of snowballs, but you become a slow and easy target when you are restocking, so you’d better be quick!  


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