Habbo Fully Integrated Into Unity with Discontinuation of Flash

With the discontinuation of Flash commencing as of the turn of the new year and any/all content using the platform due to become available as of next week, the time is ticking for developers to shift over to alternate...

Farewell Flash, Thanks for Powering Our Early Internet Experiences!

First introduced to audiences in 1996 when the internet was still in the age of (now) cringe-worthingly slow dial-up speeds, Macromedia (and later, Adobe) Flash Player gave us our first taste of interactive multimedia content on the internet.

Sulake Roll Out Habbo Unity Client Open Beta

Since 2000, the Finnish development team Sulake has developed a free-to-play virtual social platform by the name of Habbo - or Habbo Hotel for those of us who grew up playing the earliest iterations of it. While it has undoubtedly had a few...

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