Habbo Fully Integrated Into Unity with Discontinuation of Flash

With the discontinuation of Flash commencing as of the turn of the new year and any/all content using the platform due to become available as of next week, the time is ticking for developers to shift over to alternate platforms. Sulake has this morning confirmed that their long-running social networking platform Habbo (Fmrly: Habbo Hotel) has now fully transitioned across to Unity. According to them, this platform offers “a more secure and more polished experience with new features introduced alongside many of the fan favorite classics”. This follows a short open beta period where both Flash and Unity clients ran simultaneously.

With the transition, a number of new features have been introduced to Habbo, including Level progression, daily gifts, achievement rewards and user-to-user donations. However, some classic features have not been implemented yet, and have either been discontinued or are due to return in the near future.

Our full transition into Unity marks the first milestone in a long line of new and improved content that we have in store.

Since Habbo started in 2000 we have been fortunate to have millions of active and passionate fans, and we want to assure you that this is not a reinvention of Habbo but a refurbishment that takes advantage of modern technology to make the Habbo that you love even better while still retaining the aspects of it that have made it so popular.

Valtteri Karu – CEO of Sulake

First launched back in 2000, Habbo is a tween and teen oriented social networking platform, where players can create their own avatar and meet up with friends in a moderated virtual hotel. According to Sulake, however, older players who created their accounts back in their youth have returned during COVID-19 lockdowns as “a means of enjoying an online community experience when their real-life community experience is decidedly limited”.

Habbo Fully Integrated  Into Unity with Discontinuation of Flash 3
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