Bandai Namco to Bring Back the Pocket Digivice

In the early-2000s at the height of Digimon Adventure’s / Digimon: Digital Monsters’ popularity, it was not too uncommon to see kids of my generation carrying around pocket digivices. These peripherals stuck around for a while before fading into the background like many of the “pocket”, niche peripherals of that era did. While the media franchise’s popularity has ebb’ed and flowed over the years, supported by a series of more mature video games and feature films featuring the original anime characters, there was no indication that the digivices would be made available again. Boy were my assumptions wrong.

Aiming to provide fans with “The Ultimate Digivive”, Bandai Namco Entertainment shall be bringing the Digimon X to store shelves. Based on the Original Digivice, the Digimon X can now be pre-ordered in a range of different colours – with plans to launch in August 2021.

According to Bandai Namco Entertainment, the units will be “equipped with tons of new features and evolutions”. Users can now hatch, raise, feed, and train their digital monster for the ultimate monster match, a showdown between one Digimon and another. These devices connect to each other (and previous versions) to allow users to compete with whoever challenges! The Digimon X has a variety of new features like the Random Attack Generator, New Quest mode, Digimon facial expressions and so much more.

Promoted features of the unit are below:

  • New Colours: (black & red, white & blue, purple & red, and green & blue)
  • Over 100 new evolutions of Digimon to train and battle
    • new abilities, more variety
    • longer playtime
  • Devices can connect & battle
    • Devices are also compatible with earlier versions of Digimon
  • Random Attack Generator
  • New Quest mode with new ways to level up your Digimon
  • Digimon Facial Expressions

We’re so excited to bring this new device to market! Fans of Digimon have been asking for Digimon X (quite vigorously- I may add) for a while and I’m pleased we are able to make it happen.

Cisco Maldonado – Senior Director of Brand Strategy at Bandai America


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