Jackbox Party Packs (1-7)


This mini-review was originally published as part of Niche Games To Add To Your Collection this Christmas Part #1.

Annually for the last seven years, the development team at Jackbox Games have released a Jackbox Party Pack for a range of consoles. These party packs may be thought of by some as best suited towards large streaming communities or large gatherings of people. However, even a single pack offers many hours of fun individually or with a small family group – supporting up to 8-10 players through smartphone connectivity rather than needing to have X amount of controllers.

Each pack contains approximately 4 to 5 in each, including one-off games such as diction*arium (a make up your own definition for a made up word game) or Patently Stupid (a make your own invention to solve a problem game). There are also a range of iconic games featured multiple times across the series, such as Trivia Murder Party (a quiz game where failure to give the right answer can lead to punishments), You Don’t Know Jack (a quirky quiz show where the answers are not always obvious) and Fibbage (where you convince fellow players that your fake response to a question is correct). While each game has its own goal, players are rewarded for everything from general knowledge to having a creative – somewhat bonkers – mind.

So… which version should you look at purchasing? If you only have the funds for one, then I would recommend carefully looking through the different Party Packs listed HERE, or perhaps spending a little more to get multiple packs bundled together at a discounted rate. Personally, the most enjoyment I have gotten have come from 3 & 4, although the inclusion of You Don’t Know Jack in Packs 1 & 5 are also worth considering.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Developed by Jackbox Games, the Jackbox Party Packs are now available to purchase for the PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV platforms. Prices and availability may vary per platform.

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