Purge Poison and Raise Hell in 2021 with Poison Control

Getting into the anime shooter genre of video games, Nippon Ichi Software America last night confirmed their plans to bring the action-packed third-person shooter Poison Control to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2021. Developed by the same team at Nippon Ichi Software that brought us Penny-Punching Princess and The Princess Guide, this is being described as a game featuring a “darkly humorous tale of redemption”.

Poison Control revolves around a mysterious phenomenon which causes spirits to become trapped within poisonous manifestations of their own personal despair. The only hope for them is to be purified by the haughty Poisonette and her amnesiac Soul Mate.As they venture through the various Belles’ Hells, they will encounter the fallen souls longing for escape, other Poison Maidens with their own agendas, and twisted creatures born from the Poison Mires who threaten to stop them.

Expect to hear more about this Action Shooter in the lead-up to their multiplatform launch next year. Until then, check out Poison Control’s promoted features and initial screenshots below:

A Poisonous Partnership
Swap between the poison-absorbing Poisonette and her gun-wielding Soul Mate, and combine firepower and zone control to destroy the creates of the Poison Mires. Unlock new weapons such as poison bombs, diffusions, and even fire poisons by purifying areasm and enhance your Poisonette’s stats through your dialogue choices.

Enigmatic Encounters
Uncover the mysterious circumstances that set Poisonette and her Soul Mate on the poisonous path towards redemption. Along the way, encounter other Poisonettes, each with their own agenda, as well as the fallen souls whose personal Belles’ Hells must be cleansed in order to be set free.

Corrupt and Colorful
With an art style that’s as grim as it is charming, this twisted tale practically jumps off the screen! From vivid stages to vibrant gameplay effects, this adventure is as much a visual experience as it is visceral.


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