New Not for Broadcast Side-Chapter ‘The Telethon’ to Release on 30 September.

Combining corny narratives with clever gameplay systems, Not for Broadcast from NotGames and tinyBuild still remains one of the most unique games of 2020 in my book. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, recording of the game’s FMV clips had to be postponed. However, rather than leaving the game to collect dust on its Steam storefront indefinitely, the development team have been producing side-chapters to keep the community engaged. In June they released ‘Lockdown’, which told of the world bunkered down due to an invasion of a certain “cuddly” toy gone rogue, and on 30 September 2020 they will be releasing another bonus chapter titled ‘The Telethon’.

Recorded the moment their Lockdown restrictions were lifted, the chaotic news simulator will take players back into the 50s. The plot recovers not around a news broadcast, but a TV fundraiser for terminally ill children. But don’t expect it to be any easier than news broadcasting, with things going horribly wrong from the start.

Other additions in this free update include the introduction of Russian and Mandarin voice-overs (for the whole game, and subsequent episodes) and new challenges/updates to the Challenge Room for some post-game fun.

Not played Not for Broadcast yet? You can purchase your copy via the game’s official Steam Storefront.


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