New Babbage’s Aeroview Hangars

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Well before any ships were flyable in Star Citizen, early backers were able to walk around some of the vessels they spent dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on, by viewing them in in-game hangars. The Hangar Module, even today, provides access to four hangar times – Self-Land, Aeroview, Revel & York and VFG Industrial. As the persistent universe continues to expand, as of Alpha 3.9, only the Self-Land style of hangar had been implemented planetside – even at New Babbage which has different design language to all other cities to date. With Alpha 3.10, however, this is all set to change.

As of the most recent update to Star Citizen which is due to hit live servers in the coming days or weeks, all hangars at the New Babbage Spaceport on Microtech have been replaced with those from Aeroview. As I initially backed Star Citizen for a Freelancer DUR, this was my first hangar, and I am incredibly nostalgic for its design. While not a personal hangar, therefore you don’t have the freedom to move into every nook and cranny within in, having a more chic, modern garage to park your expensive spacecraft is always a nice perk of parking at New Babbage. That said… it is still a little too cozy for bigger crafts such as the Anvil Aerospace Carrack.

In development by Cloud Imperium Games and their studios across North America and Europe, Star Citizen is being helmed by Wing Commander (1990s) creator Chris Roberts. The game has currently been in a long-term alpha phase with no confirmed release date. Despite this, the studio has raised more than $300 million USD through on-going crowdfunding.

Take That (In-Game) Snap Daily Photo is an off-shoot of the Take That (In-Game) Snap article series, in which the first article focusing on Final Fantasy XIV was recently published. This looks at, celebrates and critiques how video game developers have implemented professional photography-like systems into their games. It will cover how the systems handle, just how accessible they are and, where applicable, how a modding community might be making these tools even better. With this Daily Photo spin-off series, I will be sharing individual photos from the games either covered or soon-to-be-covered.

New Babbage's Aeroview Hangars 7
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