Adventurer Celebration Sale Underway on Final Fantasy XIV’s Online Store

Recognising them “reaching 20 million adventurers around the world” in Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix has announced that from now until 27 August 2020, many items will be on-sale at 30% off via the game’s optional items store.

While this sale does not include phials of Fantasia, meaning now is not the cheapest time to become a Lalafell (like everyone should), the sale covers a broad range of items. This includes: emotes, some of the pricier mounts, attire and “Tales of Adventure” tomes which will give your characters an immediate boost to Level 70 for one class or allow you to skip an expansion’s story.

Furthermore, for a limited time, Collector’s Edition Digital Upgrades can be purchased via the Mog Station for each expansion at 50% off.

For a full list of items on sale, you can visit the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for your region.


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