Kanpai! Cheers! New Additions to Final Fantasy XIV’s MogStation

As we were regularly engaged in community events, the basement in my former Free Company’s mansion in Final Fantasy XIV was converted into an event space with bar. While we could deck out tables with copious amounts of booze, it was not possible to give even the slightest indication that our Warriors of Light were drinking them outside of non-graphical RP. With the most recent addition to FFXIV’s MogStation this changes a little bit, with the addition of a new ‘Toast’ emote.

This new emote (pictured above) gives your character a pitcher as they make a quick toast and then take a hearty drink from it. Granted there are few practical uses for it and it is pricey at $7.00 USD or local equivalent, but for those who want it, you finally have the option to consume liquids.

This is not the only addition to the MogStation. Priced at $3.00 USD apiece, weapon glamours Giga Greatsword (Dark Knight) and Tonberry Knife (Culinarian) are also on sale. Furthermore, in marking valentines day, $5.00 USD apiece will also net you either 5x Valentione Lobster Platters, 5x Valentione Cake Pairings or an Authentic Stuffed Mammet for presentation in your player house or apartment.

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