Dirt Rally to Receive PlayStation VR Support Downloadable Content in Coming Weeks

Ever wanted to take on the tracks of DiRT Rally while wearing your PlayStation VR virtual reality headset? Codemasters have confirmed they will be adding support for the peripheral to the racing game in the coming weeks. Unfortunately this is not part of any free update, with support to be made available as a paid add-on, to be priced at $19.45 AUD on the PlayStation Store when available.

According to Codemasters, this update will allow you to “drive in fully immersive VR throughout the entire game supporting every car, every route and every discipline within DiRT Rally”. Therefore, you will at the very least not be relegated to only one or two modes/tracks.

This update will also add a new Co-Drive Mode to the rally sections of the game. This new feature will allow a second player to join in on the action, as they use the buttons and touchpad on another controller to give the pace note calls to the drive from a social event. According to Codemasters, “Just like with real life co-driving, timing and accuracy are vital in order for you to complete the stage in the best time possible”.

Paul Coleman | Chief Games Designer on DiRT Rally

The PlayStation®VR upgrade allows you to get closer than ever to the experience of being a real life rally driver. The addition of the co-driver mode also allows you to work together with a friend to get through the stage and adds an even deeper level of realism and immersion to the rally stages.