Open-World Winter Sport Game ‘STEEP’ to Receive Season Pass and Post-Launch DLC

Open world games are nothing new in the video game industry, with many genres including adventure, RPG and racing games to name a few, providing players with a lot more freedom in how they handle their progression through a title. Open world sporting games in my opinion, while not unheard of, aren’t as common as other genres. But done right with the right sports backing the player experience, they can provide a generally enticing experience.

The latest developer to this small genre is Ubisoft, with their upcoming launch of Steep on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Designed as an action sports game set in the Alps, players will be able to explore mountainsides through a number of different means, including skiing, wingsuiting, snowboarding and paragliding.

Like many other games developed by Ubisoft, post-launch downloadable content will be offered as either standalone content or via a season pass (Priced at $29.95 AUD or available via the game’s “Gold Edition”). There will be three major content packs launched in the future, including:

  • Winter Fest Pack introduces the winter sled and put players’ skills to the test with its new array of challenges. It will also offers fun new exclusive costumes.
  • Extreme Pack adds three new exhilarating sports: rocket wings, base jumping and speed gliding. New exclusive costumes will also be part of the Extreme Pack.
  • Adrenaline Pack includes the Moonlight Pack of 3 unique night-time challenges and equipment pack for players to show off their style while shining in the dark, along with new costumes, new outfits, new boards and wingsuits.

Season pass holders will also have access to exclusive costumes, helicopter tickets to reach uncharted destinations quickly and 10,000 Steep Credits.