Making Their Move into Virtual Reality, Harmonix Announces Development of SINGSPACE

Seeking to provide gamers with a new “social karaoke” experience, Harmonix Music Systems have announced that work is in progress on a new game titled Singspace. While we have seen many karaoke games over the years, this is set to be a little bit different from others… as it is being developed with virtual reality support.

Announced at Oculus Connect 3, Singspace will be available in the coming months, exclusive to the Samsung Gear VR platform.

Singspace is set to transport players to a karaoke bar at the end of the galaxy, where you will be able to “meet up with old friends or make new ones during a night of shared revelry”. They claim to have an emphasis on social experiences, but will also offer a solo experience for those who might be a bit shy about singing with others.

Expect to hear more about Singspace in the coming months.