Ray Gigant Launches on the PlayStation Vita in Western Markets

Closely following the English localised release of Experience’s Dungeon-Crawling RPG Stranger of Sword City, Acttil have this week released another title co-developed by the same developer. Going by the title Ray Gigant, this is another dungeon-crawler RPG which is available right now in North American and PAL region markets. Although only available through the digital PlayStation Store, this PlayStation Vita exclusive title does come at a fairly reasonable price point of $29.99 USD.

Taking place in 20XX, Ray Gigant takes place in a world where Earth’s major cities are repeatedly being attacked by giant creatures known as the Gigant. Each nation’s force tried to thwart the attacks to no avail. But then it was discovered that a single boy in Tokyo was able to defeat these monsters. His name, Ichiya Amakaze. This boy that defeated Gigants using a mysterious power called the Yorigami came to be known throughout the world. However after using this power, he lost control of his body and ultimately destroyed the city he was protecting. It was then where he was detained and sent to a safe location where his fate would unfold… leading to the events of this game.

Ray Gigant has three main characters, each of whom will star in their own distinct chapter assisted by their own allies. First off is the hero of Chapter 1 – Ichiya Amakaze. He is a light-heared, energetic hero whom comes from a normal family. During a siege on Tokyo, he unlocks a mysterious power called “Habakiri”. The hero of Chapter 2 is Kyle Griffin, who comes from a noble yet cold household. He is very intelligent, but his upbringing as result in him having a skewed view of the world. He uses the Yorigami power “Answerer”. Finally there is Nil Phineus, the protagonist of Chapter 3. She is an innocent girl who has been trained to fight against the Gigants – using the Yorigami “Kukulkan” to do so. She has been working hard to protect the islands in the Caribbean from the Gigants. Each character shares a common goal of saving their world, however they each hold a different set of ideals. Each shall receive individual attention via their own arcs, which will then all seamlesly converge by the end of the game

Ray Gigant was originally co-developed by Experience and Bandai Namco Entertainment, and is being handled in western markets by Acttil. While the game is available exclusively on the PlayStation Vita, it does come with PlayStation TV support.

Expect a review of Ray Gigant on The Otaku’s Study soon.

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