Code of Princess Has Been Ported Over to the PC, To Launch This Month

Serving as another JRPG being ported over from consoles to the PC, publisher Degica (RPG Maker MV, Darkstalkers etc.) have announced that Studio Saizensen’s RPG/Beat ’em’ Up Code of Princess will be available for purchase on the Steam digital distribution platform starting April 14th. While pricing has yet to be confirmed, the game’s store page can be accessed HERE.

Code of Princess was first brought to western markets by ATLUS USA back in 2012, and overall seems to have received moderately good reviews from gaming media. But what separates this titles from many of the other portable console to PC ports in recent years is that the game was only ever released on the Nintendo 3DS. Most of the others have been previously released on the PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It will be interesting to see just how well the porting process between the two consoles fared in this instance.

About Code of Princess

Humans and monsters once lived separately, but in peace… until now. Solange Blanchefleur de Lux is the keeper of a legendary sword and Princess of a kingdom that has fallen. It’s time for her to save the world. In her quest, she will meet a thief, a zombie, and a rock star… who will actually help her! Take control of this ragtag band of warriors in this beat-’em-up with RPG depth and meet many eccentric characters as you endeavour to set things right!