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New Costumes and Accessories Added to Blade & Soul’s Cash Shop (Hongmoon Store)



One of the main draws to Blade & Soul in my opinion is its visuals. Taking an approach different to other online games, clothing worn by characters does not have any impact on stats, meaning that players are free to dress up any character in any costume they wish without having to worry about an odd assortment of armour. While there are a good number of costumes which can be unlocked in-game, there are a sizable number of designs available in Blade & Soul’s Cash Shop – aka. the Hongmoon Store.

While three costumes have left the Hongmoon Store today (Holly Jolly, Winter Cat Set and Winter Flower – all of which will presumably not be available again until next Christmas), NCSoft have replaced them with a brand new update to the store. As of today, a number of (presumably) permanent and time limited items are now available for purchase. Some of these are available for all characters, some are locked to a particular gender/race, and a couple are locked to a character with a specific gender and race.

The new time limited items are titled “Colourful Autumn Leaves” and “Back to School”, while the new permanent additions are Soulmate (Pictured), White Dragon, Dark Angel, My Angel, Triumph, Butterfly, Ivory Bat (Pictured), Grand Cloud and Red Queen. Summoners also have a chance to purchase the cat costume “Eboncat Set”. This is in addition to a handful of new hairstyles and accessories available. You can see all of these for yourself in the in-game Hongmoon Store.

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