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Adorable 2D Side-Scroller Rabi-Rabi to Launch in Early 2016


Sekai Project in collaboration with the Taiwan-based development circle CreSpirit have announced they will be welcoming in this new year with the unusual combination of bunnies and bullets. The two are set to bring the side-scroller Rabi-Rabi to the Steam digital distribution platformer early this year. What sort of side-scrolling game is this you might ask? They have described it as being: “part platformer, part bullet-hell, and entirely too cute!“.

Rabi-Ribi follows the “mishop” adventure of Erina, whose routine life as a rabbit is turned upside down and inside out when she awakens to discover that, not only is she in an unfamiliar new world, but she has been transformed into a human girl…with rabbit ears and a fuzzy lil’ tail to match! As Erina ventures out into this magical new world in search of her Master, she meets the spunky pink-haired fairy, Ribbon, who mysteriously chooses to stick by Erina’s side. Together, these unwitting heroes embark on their quest to restore Erina’s life to normalcy, unbeknownst to the troubles that await them.

Players will hop into the shoes of Erina during this game, who despite formerly being a rabbit, has a range of moves and combos at her disposal. She is supported by Ribbon, who complements Erina’s close-quarters combat with her ranged attack reinforcement and attribute buffs. Completing this game requires players to know how to use these characters effectively, as they come under fire as bosses fill the screen with fire bullet-hell style.

Overall, Rabi-Rabi is set to provide 8 main areas and 20 sub-areas  for players to explore, complimented by over sixty weapons, items and upgrades to discover. Those who think this game might just have a handful of bosses to battle may also be incorrect in their assumption, with over 40 bullet-hell-esque boss battles in Story Mode to encounter w/ 1,000 different attack patterns.

Keep an eye out on this site for more information when a more firm release date has been announced.

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