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Xenoblade Chronicles X to Launch on Wii U Starting December 5th


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Going up against Yo-kai Watch which is also set for release that day, Nintendo Australia have confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to arrive on store shelves starting December 5th 2015. This is a successor to the original Wii release of Xenoblade Chronicles, which first landed on store shelves in Australia in 2011. This release comes with a new open world to explore, as players are tasked with surviving against the threat of their own extinction in their new home world.

In this RPG, players can create their own character and explore a planet which is five times bigger than the world present in Xenoblade Chronicles. A variety of hostile wildlife on this world makes it an inhospitable place, and players are left to master the real-time battle system to survive against its inhabitants.

During combat, your avatar can switch between different battle classes that allow them to become more adept at long-range or close-quarters combat, as well as issue tactical orders to up to three AI partners. Party members will also advise players on when to use special skills, known as Arts, to boost their allies or blast away foes. Each class has access to different Arts, and strategic use of these can be instrumental in turning the tide of the battle.

Outside of combat, players can focus on the necessities of exploration and survival by taking jobs in eight different divisions. Those who want to focus on discovering the massive, open environments and scavenge for new materials can take a job as a Curator, while joining the Harriers will allow players to concentrate primarily on defeating the dangerous monsters that roam the landscape. Another choice, Outfitters, spend the bulk of their time helping to develop the giant weaponised mechs known as Skells. Eventually, players will be able to pilot the Skell themselves, allowing access to places they couldn’t find before, providing even more possibilities for exploration.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes with online multiplayer functionality, making it possible to team up and take on cooperative missions with up to three other players. Players can also join a party of up to 32 asynchronous characters with whom they can trade items and weapons, even if they are not battling together. In addition, avatars created by other players can be recruited into your team as AI party members.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be available as not only a standard edition, but also as a Wii U Premium Pack console bundle (Includes a Black Premium Wii U console, Solus software [Game Disc], an Artbook and Map) and a Limited Edition (Solus software [Game Disc], a SteelBook cover, map, double-sided poster and artbook). Xenoblade Chronicles X will be available exclusively on the Wii U.

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