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The #MatildainOz Child Cast for Melbourne Leg Announced


As Matilda the Musical makes heavy use of a child cast, it should come as not surprise that each leg in the stage musical’s Australian tour will need to feature a different set of cast members. While there are no changes to the adult cast, which includes Elise McCann as Miss Honey and James Millar as Miss Trunchbull, each of the nine children roles (Matilda, Bruce, Lavender, Amanda, Nigel, Eric, Hortensia, Alice and Tommy) will be replaced by a new group of youth for the Melbourne season.

The Matilda the Musical Australia team have today announced the four girls who will be playing the titular character: Dusty Bursill, Tiana Mirra, Alannah Parfett and Ingrid Torelli. These girls will be joined by Charli Bowers, Freya Cantwell, Keely Corcoran, Jack Coyne, Jeremiah Duncan, Shyla Farrugia, Tahlia Gerosa, Cooper Guinea, Jazi Hall, Kushinka Jayewardene, Andre Karabajakian, Kathleen Lawlor, Campbell MacCorquodale, Thierry Mendoza, Chloe Ngo, Chihana Perera, Adam Punsalang, Kyle Reynolds, Orlando Schwerdt, Hudson Sharp, Daniel Stow, Alistair Touliatos, Caleb Waterworth, Tahlia Williams and Mackensie Young.

As one would expect, these children will be played in rotation, meaning that you could end up with a different group of kids performing the same characters should you opt to attend the show a second or third time.

Matilda the Musical is currently performing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre, where it will remain until February. It will then be moving to the Princess Theatre in Melbourne starting March 2016. Where it will go afterwards is currently unknown.

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