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Annual Star Citizen AnniVERSEary Sale Kicks Off for 2015


Anvil Crucible | Image Source: HERE

Three years ago, the crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen came to a close. Every year since this milestone has been celebrated with a special anniversary sale. It is that time of year once again, where those looking to purchase a ship they missed out on pledging for originally have another chance to do so.

First of all, Cloud Imperium Games have added a range of new ships to the mix which will be available to pledge towards for the first time. The most significant addition is the Anvil Crucible, which priced at $350.00 USD is considered the verse’s “flying toolbox” and “wandering workshop”. It is a dedicated repair ship, with more information on it available HERE. Also on offer are three Aegis Avenger variants which are also being made available for the first time – Titan, Stalker and Warlock. All bar the Warlock are pernament additions to the Pledge Store. Although originally available with the Constellation Phoenix, this sale will also allow individual purchases of the Kruger P-72 Archimedes snub craft for $30.00 USD. The Archimedes is available this week as part of a concept sale.

Although not a new addition to the pledge store, Cloud Imperium Games have announced that the Aegis Vanguard will be hangar-ready in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0. Therefore, they have listed the Vanguard Warden, Sentinel and Harbinger and their BUK options on the pledge store for this week only.

As the AnniVERSEary sale is a means for fans to pick up ships they may not have been able to pledge for during their concept sales, many ships will be available for sale at some point over the week. A ship schedule can be found below:

Friday, November 20th: Exploration

  • Endeavor and Modules
  • Carrack

Saturday, November 21st: Piracy

  • Caterpillar
  • Herald
  • Redeemer
  • Cutlass Blue

Sunday, November 22nd: Military

  • Retaliator and Modules
  • Starfarer Gemini
  • Sabre
  • Super Hornet

Monday, November 23rd: Racing

  • M50
  • Mustang Delta
  • 350R

Tuesday, November 24th: Aliens

  • Khartu-al
  • Banu Merchantman
  • Reliant

Wednesday, November 25th: Working Starships

  • Reclaimer
  • Genesis Starliner
  • Orion
  • Aurora LX
  • Starfarer

Thursday, November 26th: Mercantile

  • Freelancer MIS
  • Hull Series
  • Constellation Phoenix

Friday, November 27th – Sunday, November 29th

  • All previously offered ships

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