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RIFT Receives v3.4: Into the Wilds Update


Stolen away from Telara for decades and recovered through the magic of the Infinity Gate, the Planetouched Wilds have returned, its mysteries now open to all at last. News of the discovery has reached adventurers everywhere, enticing them to venture into the lost lands and experience the wonders within.

Describing it as the “largest update” they have offered for the free-to-play MMORPG since launch, Trion Worlds have announced that the Version 3.4: Into the Wilds update for RIFT has gone live on game servers.

This update introduces a number of new features including:

All-new Calling, Primalist: Available via The Wilds Pack or the Primalist Calling Pack in the RIFT Store. With this calling, characters learn to harness their fury and cunning, to unleash their primal avatar on foes.

Planetouched Wilds: Although cursed by karma, this new zone still retains great beauty and offers opportunity for adventure on an epic scale. Wander through the grasslands of the Cosmic Steppe, or visit the court in Shal Korva, always remembering that unexpected dangers lurk around every shadow!

Rhaza’de Canyons: Below Shal Korva awaits a brand new dungeon, an immense network of canyons containing the ruins of fabled Rhaza’de. Somewhere deep within the steeply sloping walls, Teth has corrupted the mighty Ascension Machine, using it for fell purposes. Battle the minions of Teth to conquer the corruption and earn eternal glory!

Assault on Bronze Tomb: Battle it out with the most dangerous enemies of all, other players, in this new Warfront Mode! Your team is challenged to either loot or protect as teams of mercenaries seek to control this tomb of the ancient.

In addition to these four key features, Version 3.4: Into the Wilds will also feature a number of user interface improvements and new crafting features.

RIFT Receives v3.4: Into the Wilds Update 8
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