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PlayStation 4 Update 3.0 Goes Live, Bringing New Features to Console



Sony Computer Entertainment have recently gone live with their Version 3.0 Update for PlayStation 4 consoles, which will now be available for download next time you connect your console to the internet. This update brings a number of new changes to the platform, particularly benefiting those who either love to share their content or wish to engage with friends/those with similar interests in new ways.

Some (but not all) of the new features are listed below:

Events:  A new Events app has been added to PlayStation 4, which is accessible from the home screen. This provides an overview of activities taking place in the games most played, as well as official broadcasts. For example, this week there is a double XP racing event in Driveclub and a Team of the Week Event in FIFA 16, which players can register directly from the Events app. Once registered, it will be possible to utilise the auto-boot functionality to set the PS4 to automatically turn on and launch the game and Event at the Event start time.

Communities: PlayStation 4 users can now create and join communities based around shared interests such as games, genres and more. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players, and the ability to join parties/games. The Communities for owned games can be found on its live detail page, as well as from friends that have joined in the Friends app.

Additional Perks for PlayStation Plus Members: There is a new section on the PlayStation 4 home screen dedicated to PlayStation Plus subscribers. This allows easier means to manage memberships, see the monthly deals/free games and games redeemed through one’s PS Plus membership. As an extra perk, PS Plus members can take advantage of an increase to the amount of online storage that can be used on the PS4 (10GB).

Twitter Video Support: Video clips can now be shared directly from the PS4 to Twitter. These clips are limited to 10 seconds.

Youtube Live Support: It is now possible to livestream directly from the PlayStation 4 to Youtube.

PlayStation 4 Update 3.0 Goes Live, Bringing New Features to Console 3
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