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Mindscape to Launch Grand Ages: Medieval in Australia this Month


In a recent announcement made by Australian distributor/publisher Mindscape, they have confirmed that they will be bringing the real-time strategy game Grand Ages: Medieval (Developed by Gaming Minds) through a new collaboration with Kalypso Media. The game will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PC platforms starting later this month.

Grand Ages:Medieval takes place in the High Middle Ages where Europe is in a period of huge change and rapid population growth. New frontiers are being explored and as the head of a small settlement it is up to you to lead your people from its beginnings as a small society and advance it through the years with a goal of building it into an empire. With a game map claimed to consist of 30 million square kimometres, players are tasked with plotting their conquests, deciding where to found new cities and strategically defend key territories. From there, players must lead their people to greatness by raising an army, building a network of trade routes and gaining the upper-hand over rival states through the creation of superior technology.

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