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GAIJINWORKS Share 25 Minute Gameplay Video for Summon Night 5


When it comes to the standard gameplay preview trailer for a video game, you usually expect to see a few minutes of footage – just enough to whet your appetite for more and/or provide a sufficient look at a particular gameplay element you will be able to take advantage of once the title is in your hands. Looking at providing an extensive look at their upcoming PlayStation Portable (w/ PlayStation Vita support) release of Summon Night 5, GaijinWorks have shared an extensive 25 and a half minute gameplay trailer for the strategy RPG.

The video provides a look at both some of the events that will take place during the story and a look at the Summon Night 5 battle system. To be more specific, this video takes place on Arca’s character path with Kagerou as her Cross (With two main characters and four crosses to choose from), and is from Chapter 2. This is quite early in the game so the video doesn’t highlight all the skills and summons players will have access to later on in the game (although some characters have been slightly overpowered to ensure that the video isn’t riddled with “Game Over” screens). However, a number of mechanics present in the battle system including Attacks, Skills, Party Skills, Summons and Summon Assists are displayed.

Set for release later this year, Summon Night 5 was developed by Felistella and is being released internationally by GaijinWorks.

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