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Harbingers Featured In Recent Stella Glow Asset Batch


Focusing on the antagonists whom Alto and the (good) Song Witches will be up against in Stella Glow, ATLUS USA have shared a new trailer and screenshot batch for the upcoming JRPG.

The three characters featured in these assets (Dante, Dorothy and Hrodulf) are the allies of (evil) Song Witch Hilda, who seeks to destroy the world with her powers. Spearman Dante could be considered Hilda’s right-hand man, Dorothy is a bunny-loving chainsaw-toting girl who will go to great lengths in to rip apart anyone who stands in her way, and Hrodulf prefers to adopt a “cleave first and axe questions later” approach.

Stella Glow is set for release on the Nintendo 3DS in North America beginning November 17 2015. Nippon Ichi Software America have picked up rights to the JRPG in PAL regions, however it will not be available on store shelves until 2016.

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