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Sentai Filmworks Unveil February 2016 Anime Release Slate


Sentai Filmworks Unveil February 2016 Anime Release Slate 1
Indian Summer

Continuing to look further into 2016, North American anime publisher Sentai Filmworks have recently unveiled what is on their line-up for February next year. While Akame ga Kill Collection 1 is set to be one of their major items (With a DVD, Blu-ray and Premium Box Set lined-up), a number of new titles, Sentai Selects releases and re-releases are also in the works for release during the month. A full list of titles can be found below:

Blade Dance of the Elementalers Complete Collection
2nd February 2016 | DVD/Blu-ray | Japanese Dub | $49.98/$59.98 | 300 Minutes

To enroll at Areisha Spirit Academy, where young priestesses learn how to form contracts with Spirits, the ideal prospective student has always been pure, chaste, and of a superior lineage.  And female, of course, since only one man has ever made a Spirit contract and HE was the Demon King.  So when Kamito Kazehaya arrives at the Headmistress’ request, the entire Academy is understandably thrown into chaos and confusion.  Because not only is Kamito very obviously a guy, but he also managed to form a Spirit contract in the short time it took him to walk through the woods surrounding the Academy!  How is this even possible?  And what other secrets might the new enrollee have hidden?  The unexpected intrusion of something male is certain to work the female student body into a tizzy as the answers are revealed in BLADE DANCE OF THE ELEMENTALERS!

From The New World (Sentai Selects)
2nd February 2016 | DVD/Blu-ray | Dual Audio | $79.98/$99.98 | 625 Minutes

Saki and her friends Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, and Shun have lived their entire lives in what seems to be a perfect utopia: a world where almost all technology has been rendered irrelevant by “Juryoku,” the psychic ability to materialize anything one desires.  But when Saki discovers a long-lost artifact from the past, the façade of their world is shattered and the cracks that split the foundation of their reality threaten to swallow them whole!  Faced with a bloody secret history of how their world really came to be and thrust into a nightmarish new paradigm, Saki and her companions are confronted with dangers they never knew existed and a series of choices that may change the fate of every intelligent creature on the planet – human and otherwise!  Because when your whole world is a lie, the truth can be the deadliest weapon of all in FROM THE NEW WORLD!

Akame Ga Kill Collection 1
9th February 2016 | DVD/Blu-ray/Combo | Dual Audio | $59.98/$69.98/$129.98 | 300 Minutes

When he set off for the Capital, all Tatsumi wanted was a way to make money.  Instead, he finds himself rescued from a fate worse than death by a group of assassins known as Night Raid, and thrust into the middle of a bloody revolution.  On the one side: Prime Minister Honest, his secret police, elite squad of assassins, and the armies of the Empire.  On the other: Night Raid and a handful of rebels desperate to overthrow the brutal regime of Honest’s puppet emperor.  Leveling the playing field:  the Imperial Arms, a legendary set of unstoppable weapons created in the distant past.  But to use an Imperial Arm is practically a death sentence, for only a select few can even survive using them… and when two Arms go against each other, only the user of one is likely to survive in AKAME GA KILL!

Shirobako Collection 1
9th February 2016 | DVD/Blu-ray | Japanese Dub | $49.98/$59.98 | 300 Minutes

After making an animated film together in high school, Aoi and her friends Shizuka, Ema, Misa, and Midori made a promise to each other:  to all get jobs in the anime industry and someday work together again.  Two years later, Aoi is learning that working as a production assistant at a small animation studio is far more demanding than she ever imagined, and Shizuka’s aspiring career as a voice actor involves more time waiting tables than recording.  Meanwhile, Ema’s slowly making a name for herself as a key animator, Misa’s moved from 2D to 3D and now works in computer graphics, and screenwriting hopeful Midori is lagging furthest behind, still looking for her first big break.  But are they ready to give up on their dreams just yet?  No way!  Because while anime may come from inspiration, in the end it’s the ones who’re willing to put in the perspiration that make their dreams real in SHIROBAKO! 

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2we!
16th February 2016 | DVD/Blu-ray | Dual Audio | $59.98/$69.98 | 250 Minutes

With great powers come great responsibilities, and that includes cleaning up the aftermath of your previous adventures.  Which means that, instead of getting a break after saving the world, newly changed magical girls Illya and Miyu have to help deal with the side-effects caused by the sealing of the Ley Cards.  Still, that shouldn’t be too hard, right?  Wrong!  Not only are the ley lines failing, but to make matters worse, Illya somehow ends up with a magical clone… and that sinister clone has plans of her own!  Worse yet, since the “dark” version of herself is drawing its power from the same source as our heroine, Illya’s own powers are being reduced proportionately.  These are definitely not the kind of problems that the average girl should have to deal with.  It’s double the trouble as Illya’s split personalities face off and the personal conflicts get physical in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2Wei!

Space Brothers Collection 7
16th February 2016 | DVD/Blu-ray | Japanese Dub | $49.98/$59.98 | 300 Minutes

Whether in the planning rooms for lunar missions or the claustrophobic steel confines of an undersea laboratory, the one thing that every astronaut must learn to deal with is pressure.  But as deadly as the blowout of a pressurized cabin may be, the peer pressure that weighs on brothers Mutta  and Hibito may be even more crippling.  As Mutta prepares to journey to the bottom of the deep blue sea for NEEMO training, Hibito’s path descends to even lower depths as his inability to recover sends him into a downward emotional spiral.  Will a trip to Russia be the cure for Hibito’s malaise?  Or, having once reached the stars, will he now end up forever grounded by NASA and JAXA?  Yet even as one rising star falters, a second prepares for his ascent to the heavens as Mutta’s quest to reach space advances to the next level in the seventh spellbinding collection of SPACE BROTHERS!

Indian Summer (Sentai Selects)
23rd February 2016 | DVD | Japanese Dub | $19.98 | 75 Minutes

She’s the perfect girl, and you can do ANYTHING you want with her!  That’s what the company MAIDWORKS promises, and boy, do they deliver!  Unfortunately for android maid Yui, her new owner is an otaku who’s slipped way past the boundaries of normal anime fandom and into something that’s better described as abnormally fanatic.  So instead of cooking, cleaning, and the other… er… duties expected of an android, Yui’s main task will be to parade about in an ever-changing variety of anime and maid costumes while the deranged Takaya indulges in his even more deranged fantasies!  And since Yui’s one of those rare androids with self-awareness, this isn’t just embarrassing, it’s downright humiliating!  And things only get weirder as other MAIDWORKS models arrive, each designed to cater to another facet of otaku-dom!   Get ready for nosebleeds, tentacles, and panty-shots galore in the ecchi-est, letch-iest, comedy sketch-iest OAV series ever maid, INDIAN SUMMER!

Photo Kano Complete Collection
23rd February 2016 | Blu-ray | Japanese Dub | $59.98 | 325 Minutes

Kazuya Maeda felt almost invisible during his first year of high school, and even his best friend from childhood, Nimi, seemed more difficult to approach as she matured from just another kid to a… gulp…  teenage girl. However, this year, Kazuya has a plan to change his image, and it’s all centered around the big, new girl-magnet hanging in front of him: the digital SLR he just received from his dad! But is a camera really all it takes to make talking to girls a snap? Well, at least with digital there aren’t many negatives, and if Kazuya can just stay focused and hit all the right angles, who knows what might develop?  Find out if the girls really do go for the guy with the biggest lens as Kazuya zooms his way to the top of the spread in PHOTO KANO!

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