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Descent: Underground Launches as Steam Early Access Title


Following the game’s successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where developer Descent Studios raised $601,773 from 8,164 backers, it has been confirmed that Descent: Underground is now available to purchase/download via Steam Early Access. The early access version of Descent: Underground is available to both crowdfunding backers and other members of the gaming community.

Serving as an officially-licensed prequel to the Descent series of games, Decent: Underground seeks to provide first-person shooter action with six degrees of freedom vehicular movement. layers take on the role of pilots commanding space-combat ships in high-stakes battles for control of warren-like asteroid mines.

Over the course of the next several months Early Access players will be able to play the game and have their feedback potentially incorporated into the game – which is currently slated to launch in the first part of 2016. Claiming a commitment to transparency and community development, early access players are being encouraged to stream, record and share their playtests with other gamers around the world.

Eric Peterson | CEO of Descent Studios

Fully testing and balancing a richly-featured multiplayer and single player game requires a lot of players. Steam Early Access gives us the chance to bring more people into the game at a crucial stage of development and get their feedback, which we plan to incorporate into the final game.

Peterson also commented on the company’s business model for the game:

In response to a broad cross-section of our community, we’ve also decided to move away from the micro-transactions model we had discussed during our Kickstarter. Once we leave Early Access, any future content will be bundled into larger expansions. Fans have spoken and we listened, ‘buy once, play forever’ is the course they wanted, and one we fully embrace.

Descent: Underground is currently in development for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

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