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New Trailer Released for Criminal Girls 2


Following their release of Criminal Girls on the PlayStation Portable and a subsequent “Invite Only” port to the PlayStation Vita, the team at Nippon Ichi Software are working on a sequel to it, which is currently known by its simple title of Criminal Girls 2.

Approximately one month after granting JRPG fans their first glimpse at the title, Nippon Ichi Software have shared a new trailer for the game. Coming in at a whopping four and a half minutes in length, the video provides a fairly comprehensive look at the game, its characters, the punishment system, battle system and other elements of the title.

Criminal Girls was released in North America and Europe earlier this year, under the title Criminal Girls: Invite Only. Nippon Ichi Software America have yet to comment about any plans to bring this game to western markets.

Available exclusively on the PlayStation Vita, those in Japan will be able to pick up Criminal Girls 2 from store shelves beginning November 26 2015.

New Trailer Released for Criminal Girls 2 3
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