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Launch Classes Confirmed for Blade & Soul



In a recent post made via the game’s official website, NCSoft have confirmed which classes will be available at launch for upcoming online game Blade & Soul.

It has been confirmed that the six original classes will be available at launch: Blade Master (Yun, Jin), Destroyer (Gon), Summoner (Lyn), Force Master (Yun, Lyn), Kung Fu Master (Gon, Jin) and Assassin (Jin).

In addition, they have also made a few new additions. The first is that the Lyn-exclusive Blade Dancer class will be available at launch, which will allow Lyn’s to take up a sword rather than rely on the magic-oriented Force Master and Summoner classes. This is a class which merges rapid attack speed, mobility and devastating control abilities at the sacrifice of defense.

NCSoft have also announced that they are making two classes available to the Yun and the Gon race which were previously not possible. Members of the Yun race can now stand alongside the Gon and Jin as Kung Fu Masters, while the Gon can now create fire and ice as Force Masters alongside members of the Yun and Lyn races.

Therefore, the (current) class line-up at launch will be:

Blade Master (Yun, Jin), Destroyer (Gon), Summoner (Lyn), Force Master (Yun, Lyn, Gon), Kung Fu Master (Gon, Jin, Yun), Assassin (Jin), Blade Dancer (Lyn).

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