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New Stages Detailed for Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess


Koei Tecmo Europe have today shared new assets and information regarding the new stages to be introduced for their trap-action title Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess — the successor to 2014 Deception IV: Blood Ties.

One of the biggest changes to staging is that while Laegrinna, the dark protagonist of Blood Ties, opted to lure her victims into Medieval Castles, Amusement Parks, Ancient Ruins and a Metal Refinery; the sadistically wicked Velgurie opts to face them in the demi-plane between dreamlands and the waking world. This means she has access to three new and modern stages to use as her hunting ground.

In the Gymnasium she uses spring boards, balance beams, high velocity ball throwers, and basketball hoops. In the Playground she forces them down slides, on merry-go-rounds, and flings them in the air using a deceivingly innocent-looking Panda. In the Hospital she ties them down on operating tables, electrocutes them, and plays on their fears with oversized syringes.

To add a bit more variety to the prey which can appear in all stages included in Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, Koei Tecmo have confirmed a new mode entitled: ‘Deception Studio’. There, the player has the opportunity to create their own characters for the Deception Princesses to defeat! Options include appearance, weapon and outfit of choice, name and background story, as well as immunities, resistances and strengths! Fulfilling certain requirements in some of the new quests can lead to an award of more edit parts than can be used for creating more unique and distinctive enemies! In a way you might be able to consider this similar to the Dynasty Warriors edit mode, although rather than creating heroes, you create the poor victims you shall take down.

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is set for release on the PlayStation 4 (Retail/Digital), PlayStation 3 (Digital) and PlayStation Vita (Digital) internationally beginning July 17 2015.

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