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New Add-on Content Released for Tetris Ultimate


Landslide (3)

Almost six months after the game was first released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming systems, Ubisoft have announced that a new Challenge Pack is ready to download for Tetris Ultimate.

The challenge pack introduces three new modes that can be played either solo or with friends. These include:

  • Time’s Up – With only 30 seconds to spare, race against the clock and get rewarded with extra time when lines are cleared.
  • Landslide – The speed and amount of blocks increase as the game level increases, and carefully organised stacks arejeopardised when random Tetriminos appear in your Matrix every 10 turns.
  • Haunted – In this intense mode, the Tetriminos at the bottom of the Matrix become invisible as the game levels up.

This content isn’t free however, with the modes purchasable either as a Challenge Pack $10.45 AUD or as three standalone modes ($4.55 AUD each).

New Add-on Content Released for Tetris Ultimate 7
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