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[E3 2015] Bethesda Softworks Announce Beta Registrations for BATTLECRY


While their 3rd-Person Multiplayer Action Combat video game BATTLECRY is currently in alpha testing within Australia and New Zealand, Bethesda Softworks and developer BattleCry Studios have announced that the game is almost ready for its worldwide beta test – set to begin in Spring 2015.

Both companies have opened worldwide beta registrations via the game’s official website. Everyone who signs up for the BATTLECRY beta test by June 18 will receive priority access to this test and an exclusive (albeit unspecified) in-game reward.

Rich Vogel | President and Executive Producer at BattleCry Studios

It’s been great to see the responses from the Alpha players in Australia and New Zealand. People are having a great time and loving the over-the-top-action, and we are receiving lots of great feedback. We’re excited for players around the world to get in the game this Spring.


In a reimagined 20th century, all disagreements between the most powerful empires are settled head-on by elite teams of trained warriors from all over the world, with each member specializing in either high-tech ranged gadgetry or sophisticated melee weapons. Trained and bred for battle, they meet each other in sanctioned WarZones to face off for their share of glory!

Official Description for BATTLECRY

Combining elements of third-person action and fast-paced shooting, BATTLECRY offers a new gameplay experience with team-based combat, intense tactical warfare and competitive multiplayer action. Choose from 15 warriors, 3 factions and 5 classes during the beta – with even more warriors and classes coming online at launch! Choose YOUR warrior – each with a meaningfully distinct suite of attacks and abilities – from one of several factions from diverse parts of the world. With strategy, brutal attacks, and unique, high-tech weapons, fight for power and glory in 24-player large battles and smaller 12-player team battles across the WarZones. This is the life of a warrior, and victory is yours for the taking!

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