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[E3 2015] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Screenshots, Trailer


Being developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS line of systems, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a spin-off game of the Animal Crossing series. Rather than building a neighbourhood and getting to know members of its community in the traditional way, you will be tasked to design homes (inside and out) for both old and new animal friends.

The game will come with support for Amiibo Cards, which will allow you to call your favourite villagers into the game. It will also be possible to use Amiibo Cards to invite up to four characters into a room to hang out and to call animals into your world that would otherwise not appear in your game with requests.

The release of this information coincides with Nintendo announcing plans to release a new Animal Crossing board game spin-off titled Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival later this year.

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