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Vertiginous Golf to Finally Receive Offiial Release Tomorrow


It has been interesting watching Vertiginous Golf grow over the past year through its Steam Early Access campaign, managing to deliver what I personally believe to be a very unique approach to Sports (Golf) gaming. After fifteen months in its Early Access period, Lone Elk Creative, Kinelco and Surprise Attack Games have confirmed that their dystopian steampunk mini golf adventure game will be released on Steam from tomorrow.

The golfing action takes place in an alternate world where the fortunate have risen above the smog and pollution to New Lun-Donne, a floating paradise and the less fortunate are stuck in Scudburough, enduring constant rain, darkness and misery. By the magic of technology, the poor souls on the ground can get a brief respite and a glimpse of the sun through the game of Vertiginous Golf.  Through story mode, players will uncover more about the world and the tensions between the high and the low.

One of the more unique facets of Vertiginous Golf’s design is its elaborate course design. Staying true to the Steampunk theme, the courses are laden with fans, walls, travellators, moving platforms and more – topped off with many courses taking place amongst the clouds. Those looking to customize their experience will also have access to a fully fledged level creator, allowing them to create and share their own courses.

Vertiginous Golf is available to purchase on Steam, The Humble Store, the game’s website and other digital storefronts for around $19.99 USD (1 Copy) or $59.99 (Pack of 4). Many stores will also be offering a 20% off discount.

Christian Holland | Director of Lone Elk Creative

We are so excited to finally launch this game. This has been an epic labour of love for myself and Paul and we can’t wait to play the courses that the community create.

Chris Wright | Managing Director of Surprise Attack Games

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Paul and Christian on Vertiginous Golf. As soon as we saw the game we knew we had to be part of this journey.

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