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Lost Dimension Character Trailers – The “Biggest Bruisers” Mana and George


Following other character trailers released for Lost Dimension by ATLUS USA in recent days, the publisher have shared another video highlighting Mana and George – who have been described as the “two biggest bruisers” the S.E.A.L.E.D. team have available to them.

Lover of all things cute, Mana Kawai isn’t afraid to run in and pummel away at her foes with her bare hands. When her targets get wise to their impending beating and stay out of melee range, she can just hurl debris or create earthquakes to hit them instead. Just as brave is George Jackman, who fights for the glory of freedom and justice! George cuts his enemies down with a deadly katana and can also amplify his damage through psychometry.

As those familiar with the game will know, it is very possible that one or both of these two characters could prove to be either friend or foe – depending on which five characters are randomly assigned to be traitors. Therefore, as two of the more powerful characters in the game, you might run the risk of helping them out (through levelling them up / giving them good equipment) should both prove to be enemies.

Originally developed by Lancarse, Lost Dimension is set for release in North America on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms starting July 28 2015. NIS America have recently confirmed plans to publish the game in PAL regions beginning August 28 2015.

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