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Abyss Odyssey Headed to PlayStation 4 As Special ‘Extended Dream’ Edition


Following the game’s 2014 launch on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms, ATLUS USA and ACE Team have confirmed they are porting Abyss Odyssey over to the PlayStation 4 as a special ‘Extended Dream Edition’. Abyss Odyssey will be a digital-exclusive title in both North America and Europe, set to launch on the PlayStation Store for $14.99 at a date yet to be confirmed.

While delivering a comparable side-scrolling action adventure / fighting experience, this edition is set to feature an 1080p upgrade alongside numerous PC upgrades including: versus mode with two-player online multiplayer and four-player local multiplayer, Warlock reveals, expanded enemy move sets with brand new unique moves, combat balances, and various other gameplay additions.

In Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition, the randomly generated side-scrolling levels will never play out the same way twice. Each playthrough will see different monsters in different locations, changed locations of life-saving merchants and different paths between levels. As stated by ACE Team, there are only two constants in Abyss Odyssey: a great evil awaits at the bottom of the pit, and succeed or die, the nightmare will continue.

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