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“Full Trailer” Released for Etrian Mystery Dungeon


With only a week to go until Etrian Mystery Dungeon hits store shelves in North America (Europe and other PAL regions are still a complete mystery), ATLUS USA have shared what they have dubbed the “Full Trailer” for the upcoming rougelike RPG.

Coming in at a little more than a minute in length, this trailer spends a little bit of time highlighting the different gameplay elements present in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The video starts off with highlighting character creation, and quickly dives into the increasing complexities involved with navigating a labyrinth.

ATLUS USA will be bringing Etrian Mystery Dungeon exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS from April 7th 2015. Unfortunately, no PAL region release date has currently been locked in. But if previous games are any indication, Nippon Ichi Software America will be working on a European / Australian / New Zealand release somewhere down the track. A variety of different trailers and general information on this game can be found in The Otaku’s Study archives for Etrian Mystery Dungeon.

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