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AFD 2015 – Sony Announce PlayStation Flow – Swim Your Way Through Gaming


I am not going to lie, living over here in Australia I had a serious “WTF” moment when this announcement hit my inbox, given that it had passed the traditional midday deadline to fool someone. For a split second, I genuinely believed that Sony may have broken all boundaries when it came to niche motion control accessories. But nevertheless, Sony Computer Entertainment have made the PlayStation Flow their April Fools Day Joke for 2015.

Following their other innovations such as motion control, the PlayStation Flow is designed to combine video gaming with real-life swimming. When you hit a swimming section in a game, you can pause, head to the pool, dive in and then resume playing through the device. Using the PlayStation Flow sensors attached to your biceps and thighs, this unit would track the action both above and below the surface – sending real-time updates of body movements back to the PlayStation 4. Then, using the PlayStation Flow Goggles, your game will appear on-screen ready for you to being kicking, splashing and hopefully not drowning.

With this, being able to replicate spending five minutes at a time underwater playing Blitzball (Final Fantasy X) or recreating an extended swimming race in whatever game is produced for the Olympic Games in 2016 might have been possible.

All that being said, I wouldn’t mind Sony Computer Entertainment investing in the PlayStation Flow Body Dryer….

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