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Omega Quintet’s PVS System Promoted in “Inchoate Voice” Trailer


Check out how you can use the PVS mode to create fabulous live performances in Omega Quintet using the songs of the Verse Maidens!

– Idea Factory International

After sharing a handful of screenshots featuring the Promotional Video System (PVS) in Omega Quintet only a few days ago, Idea Factory International have further promoted the system through a brief two minute trailer. As you should have already voiced, that video can be found above.

In this mode, you choreograph your own Verse Maiden performance, choosing the song, the performers, the solos, and dance moves – culminating in a full performance. It is possible to then watch it and share it with friends through the PlayStation 4’s share capabilities. This seems to be a feature set apart from the game’s core gameplay, and considering how Compile Heart’s first idol video game (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection) turned out, this is a wise decision in my mind.

Developed by Compile Heart, Omega Quintet is set to land on the PlayStation 4 starting April 28th 2015 in North America and early-May in PAL regions.

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