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Aussie Developed Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire to Arrive on Steam, Humble Store from February 2nd 2015



Australian video game developer Membraine Studios have today announced that their very first project, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, is set to receive its full launch via Steam and the Humble Store from February 2nd 2015. Previously, the game has only been available via Steam as an Early Access release.

Mark Sheppard, the game designer for Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, has stated the following about adopting the Humble Store as a channel for purchasing his upcoming release: “Being big fans of Humble and what it’s achieved for charity and the gaming community, we were very excited to be accepted onto Humble Store. Humble represents a great opportunity for a fresh-faced indie like Membraine Studios.”

As some may already be aware, this strategy game is based on the original tabletop classic. Membraine claim that Fracture Empire remains faithful to its tabletop roots, but also delivers a “highly tactical and rewarding modern strategy” experience.

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is a 3D turn-based strategy wargame that puts you in brigade-level control of futuristic infantry and armored companies, as well as huge super-vehicles. This is warfare on a massive scale that will appeal to those who enjoy games that provide both a strategic and tactical challenge, such as the Total War PC game series or tabletop games like Warhammer 40,000. Featuring a unique, streamlined command system for fast-paced battles with Chess-style alternating activations, customizable armies, and simple–yet deep–strategic and tactical play, the game tells a story from the Exodus Wars, a bloody civil war fought between the Guild and the Royal Empire of Man.

– Official Description

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