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Silk Dresses Now Purchasable in TERA Online



If you primarily use a male character in TERA Online then you are once again missing out, with En Masse Entertainment releasing a compilation of new Silk Dresses for purchase via their Valkyon Outfitters store.

Purchasing the “Blue and White Silk Dress” standalone will set you back 995 points, with blue/black/white/red Chrysanthemum hair accessories to complement it priced at 495 points apiece. Those looking for a variety of other coloured dresses will need to try their hands at the “Dressy Asian Box” which is available in sets of 1x (150 points), 3x (450 points) and 10x (1500 points). These contain a semi-enigmatic scroll and may also drop a double bun hairstyle, dyable silk dress patterned with golden threads or another item.

En Masse Entertainment have not listed an end date for this set’s availability.


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