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Koei Tecmo Detail Exclusive Content in Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk w/ Screenshots



While at its core, Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk is the very same game that fans enjoyed last year on the PlayStation 3, it also comes with a number of new features to entice returning players into a second playthrough.

The enhanced PlayStation Vita version brings new features including dual audio, new costumes and accessories, a hard mode, Album missions and reimagined bosses. It will include characters previously available as paid DLC- like the strong-minded government official, Marion and her bodyguard Linca, who has trouble befriending others, and Odelia, the self- operating mechanical doll automaton tasked by her maker to guard the ancient Zweiteturm library, as well the ability to transfer almost all content from the original PlayStation 3 version. Unfortunately there are no new playable characters, as I am sure there is more than just myself who wants to see more of Michelle Ann Dunphy as Tanya Volta.

Like other “Plus” releases, new costumes will also be available for female characters Ayesha, Linca and Wilbell. Some of these costumes, are named Vierze Lady, Crimson Flower, Chrysanthemum Profusion, Night Blossom, Magical Swimmer and Dark Valkyrie. It will also be possible to further customize them with accessories, which screen captures for some of these accessories below.

In terms of Album missions, rewards will be revealed to players as they advance their adventure and complete certain tasks. These include exclusive bonuses such as the ability to change characters at any time, free battle mode and additional costumes.

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