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EVE Online’s Rhea Update Goes Live on Tranquility Server


Wrapping up their year of updates for EVE Online, CCP Games have confirmed that “Rhea” has now gone live on the Tranquility servers. CCP have described this as being their “largest update”; adding many new features, ships and areas of space for players to explore. The next update is set to go live in January 2015, with more information to be announced in the coming weeks.

Some of the new features introduced include [List provided by CCP Games]:

  • 100 new wormhole systems have been discovered in the wake of mysterious events in New Eden
  • A newly revealed wormhole system, Thera, is a location unlike any other in the universe and is home to four fully-equipped stations with a staggering amount of entry points. At over 340 astronomical units (AU) end to end, it is unparalleled in size and scope
  • New exploration sites sit amidst the shattered remnants of heavenly bodies, all pieces of a curious puzzle that may include the emergence of ominous Sleeper scouts from their wormhole havens into known space.
  • With some of the most stunning visual updates since the Trinity expansion, EVE has added physically based rendering to support the tremendous beauty and artistry of each of its hundreds of spaceships. In addition, the iconic EVE star map has undergone renovations and a functionality overhaul and a new beta version is open for testing
  • EVE‘s User Interface (UI) is modernized with more recognizable icons and an epic science fiction feel. A new opt-in keyboard ship control “WASD” feature means pilots can feel the full power of navigating their deadly ships
  • In the name of more explosions, the clone upgrade system and skillpoint loss upon death have been eliminated. Veteran players are expected to put more on the line in battle and new players feel less of a sting upon their first defeats
  • Lethal new polarized weapons deliver superior damage and tracking in exchange for all damage resistance, allowing for the perfect “glass cannon” setup
  • Two new unique ships provide gameplay opportunities in EVE‘s massive sandbox. The Amarr Confessor tactical destroyer is able to switch seamlessly between defensive, speed and sniper modes during a fight. The ORE Bowhead freighter is a logistics behemoth able to carry fully fitted battleships throughout the galaxy. The ongoing ship redesign effort brings glorious new visuals to the Blackbird, Rook, Falcon, Incursus, Onyx and Eagle

Andie Nordgren | Executive Producer for EVE Online

Rhea expresses our passion for the New Eden universe and the dark science fiction storyline we are co-creating with EVE players. We want the backdrop for the stories our players create to be stunning—a sandbox filled with fantastic locations and gorgeous spaceships that inspire great deeds. Our player community is ingenious, passionate and hilarious. It’s been amazing to see them embrace the influx of new and returning pilots following the release of the new ‘This is EVE’ trailer.

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